Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Oh The Glamour !

It is so funny how life changes!  In my former life I would be up at 4:30 AM, dressed and full make up and on a bus to NYC by 5:30 am.  Now as a life as a painter this is what I wear!
PJ bottoms and Uggs

I love to paint and the many challenges that I receive from my clients!  I do spend a lot of time, researching, combining colors, looking for the right pulls and knobs....This is command central.....not exactly what you expected I am sure.
every breakfast is eaten here while looking for the perfect picture

Today, is a final delivery day for a client that I have been working with for over one year!  
This is here last piece
I will miss working with Amy as she has so many wonderful ideas that have pushed me to visit and accomplish all of them.  The following pictures is our last years journey!

There are many more....but I didn't want to bore you all!   Thank You So Much For The Opportunity!
Happy Holiday!

Lamp Shade/Pottery Barn

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